Sunday, 29 April 2012

'Pictures From Paradise' - Book Launch

On Thursday I went to the launch of the book, ‘Pictures From Paradise’,
A Survey of Contemporary Caribbean Photography.

The launch was held at Medulla Art Gallery in Woodbrook, Trinidad.
The book comprised of the works of 18 Artist from 7 Caribbean Countries.

While the book is titled Pictures From Paradise, the images inside are anything but the stereotypical sun, sea, sand and coconut trees you’d be accustomed seeing portraying the Caribbean.

They are real images of the our experiences, realities and lives. They are contradictions of a diverse range - beautiful, unique stories even where similarities exist.

We all live on an island and while our islands are not far from each other we often seem isolated when we in fact have so much in common, so much to share with each other and so much more to gain from being more connected.

‘Pictures From Paradise’
Published by Robert & Christopher Publishers in Trinidad and Tobago.
Editors: Melanie Archer and Mariel Brown
Essay by: O’Niel Lawerence
Designed by: Richard Rawlins


  1. Where can I get a copy?

  2. Hi, You can get the book at the art gallery on Fitt St. Woodbrrok, Medulla Art Gallery.

    It's meant to be in book stores soon but I do not yet know the list of the stores.

  3. You can get the book at Reader's and Paper Based bookshops