Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Colour Story... 'South Sunday'

I have a folder on my desktop of over 2000 pictures of things I call beautiful. They range from clothes, shoes, interiors, jewelry and furniture to sites and scenes (local and foreign) all either photographed by myself, a friend or borrowed from the internet. It all inspires my design aesthetic in some way. I am curious about everything. I am excited to learn new things and I am never ashamed to say 'I Don't Know'.

As a Designer you should be curious about everything and have your mind and eye always ready to absorb because creativity is the connecting of things learnt, things developed, things evolved, things felt and things absorbed; A synthesis of things experienced with things new.

From San Fernando to the Temple in the Sea - Trinidad
Today was 'South Sunday' with my friends. We got up early and met to take a trip to South Trinidad so we can say hello to friends, eat some good food, take a drink or two, and enjoy the scenery and drive.

Besides needing the relaxation from my thoughts and the routine of the 'north'  I looked forward to taking random pictures of things, textures and colours from which I could pull colour palettes.

Not only is this a hobby of mine but also an excellent work practice that comes in very handywhen designing brands and Brand guides for clients at work.

Colour is also a great way to start my thought process in design if I'm not starting with word association or inspired by a font after reading the brand audit.

In my ongoing desire to pull ideas and inspiration from my life around me, it's so interesting to discover the colours around you that add such vibrancy to a palette, often in combinations and shades you may not have otherwise put together yourself. But nature combines them for you...

Temple in the Sea- Central Trinidad.

'I am Clearest when I Feel with what I Think. – Everything Inspires’ me.' 

Where do you find your inspiration?


  1. Colour representation is such a powerful thing. I'm not an artist but i suspect it works on a very subconscious level where colours conjure up images, memories, feelings, moods from past experiences; very powerful in branding.

    The more varied your experiences are as a writer, designer etc you get to tap into colour palettes that move more people. As a Caribbean designer it also allows you to provide multiple representations of what the caribbean actually is, very important in these times

  2. Thanks Ayanna :)

    I think there's a connection to colour you sometimes can't explain and that reaction of 'I like it', 'I don't like it' can help sway someone to or from a product just from a gut reaction.

    I've only recently started really paying attention to the way nature combine colours around me and I'm fascinated by the shades and hues.- It is a powerful and gorgeous tool.

  3. Oh wayyyy really like your Temple in the Sea pictures. Such an inspiring place that!

  4. Now that that I'm thinking about it I'm asking myself...where do I find my inspiration??? I think my inspiration is sporadic and it comes and goes with my moods...As of recently I've been inspired by good friends and being optimistic about life..I read in a book called "The Secret" that your thoughts become things...ahh that's my inspiration! Knowing that I have control over what makes me happy so my inspiration comes from within me..loving your pics and colour palettes..

  5. So True BrownGirl... LIFE is a constant inspiration!