Sunday, 24 June 2012

Miquel Galofré - One Very Cool Caribbean Spanish

Sharing this great Carnival video from Miquel Galofré.

Miquel is an amazing film maker from Spain who at the moment lives in Trinidad (when he's not in Jamaica or somewhere else in the world)

I got the chance to meet Miquel while he was doing a few projects for the advertising agency I work at. One of these projects included last year's Carnival Coca- Cola television ad.

Miquel's amazing! Check out his youtube channel because I can't list all his amazingness. From creating the films 'Why Do Jamaican's Run So Fast' and 'Hit Me With The Music'  to my personal favourite project 'Art Connect in Laventille' which made me cry in the office when I got a sneak peek, I am nothing but in aww of Miquel's work and vision.

I am happy to be able to view and be inspired by the way he sees the world and the privilege he has to be able to capture it.

And oh yea... 'The Football Bird' (video below) I was obsessed with for days.....

Check out Miquel's youtube channel and send some love! 



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