Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Designer Island

We have launched our website finally!

We look forward to sharing with you stories of the makers of our beautiful twin island republic, Trinidad and Tobago and the neighboring Caribbean islands.

I have consistently been passionate about where I am from and even more so about becoming more aware of the creatively interesting things people are doing, writing and making from the Caribbean.

Designer island started as a school project while I was dabbling in a Communication degree at COSTAATT. While I never finished the program (due to disappointments in some aspects) the time spent was completely fruitful in tickling my interest to attempting to understand what the idea of the Caribbean Aesthetic is and this idea has been growing and coming to life on

My very good friend Ayanna, joined me in the last year to develop the website when she came along as an editor and it is our hope that Designer Island continues to grow and be collaborative.

I've had the pleasure of interviewing some really interesting people like photographer; Alex Smailes, designer and artist; Richard Mark Rawlins, designer; Marlon Darbeau an soon to be posted jeweler and maker; Jade Drakes who we interviewed over breakfast at her home.

Designer island is not just about creatives, but about expanding the idea of who we are as a Caribbean, West Indian people and showing how it expands from spending Sunday mornings on the beach to shopping at Organic Green Market's on Saturdays, attending Fashion shows, Art exhibits, dining and being jet setting industrial designers and jewelers and store owners. It's about how the folks who maybe that don't club on and island entertain themselves, lime, hangout and sip wine at our favourite wine bars, go hiking in the rainforest and then go to work on a Monday morning. It's abut our varying passions.

I hope you enjoy our offering and leave us comments and feedback.
Get in touch with us and welcome to designer island life.

Let us so you why we're so island :)

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